It’s the last month of summer, and school is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t awesome things to do!  On August 26, I’m going to be racing a boat in the 2nd Annual Glenwild Regatta in Park City.  The rules?  The boats just have to be under 36″ and battery-powered, which allows for a lot of freedom, especially when you’re going to build your own instead of buying one.

So, what’s the plan?  From some research online, Outrigger boats seem to be the fastest and sharpest designs out there as far as RC boats go.  Here’s an image that shows what they look like.

Pretty standard wooden outrigger frame

The two objects straddling the body of the boat are called sponsons; they provide stability and turning capabilities with a turnfin (more on that later).  Basically, the design of the boat allows for very limited contact on the water for more lift and speed–just what you need for a boat race.  At this point, the electronics and building materials have been ordered, and it’s just a matter of time before building can commence.

Before I take a short writing hiatus while things are shipped, I should mention that this boat will be a bit different from the standard kits that are out there, not so much from the electronics system, but rather from the methods of construction.  The body will not be constructed from wood.  Instead, it will be made with an inner dense foam structure covered in an outer shell of twill carbon fiber.  The idea behind this is to create a reliable and robust boat that can withstand the stresses associated with a powerful motor and pressure from navigating through water at high speeds without too many weight or time constraints.  Well, carbon fiber would also give it a ridiculously beautiful, watertight, and aerodynamic finish if done correctly too!

This should be an exciting project–lots of things to learn to do from a makeshift garage “machine shop” environment too!


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