All of the electronics arrived yesterday!  Now, just waiting for the carbon fiber to arrive on Tuesday to begin building the shell of the boat.  To actually use the carbon effectively, you need to have good solid molds so that it can form to and solidify in your specific shape while under a vacuum.  For this boat, the molds are going to be made from layers of polystyrene insulation foam attached to each other with a water-based adhesive.  Additionally, they will be machined to optimize aero/hydrodynamics and aesthetics.  Here are the preliminary models for the body and sponsons, as well as an image of the fully assembled product:

The part jutting out of the bottom of the body is the ski, which operates as the housing for the propeller hardware.  This will prevent water intake to the main body and electronics and needs to be reinforced with foam as well for stability.

The boat is progressing nicely; the motor, speed controller, remote, battery, and servo motor all function as expected.  If all goes to plan, it should be done by this Saturday, which is perfect because the lake will be open for practice on Sunday and Monday.  Additionally, there will be an entire week to troubleshoot if needed.  Here is the current schedule, which is definitely up for adjustments:

  • Monday, August 13: Machine foam
  • Tuesday, August 14: Practice layup
  • Wednesday, August 15: Sponson layups
  • Thursday, August 16: Main body layup
  • Friday, August 17: Construction
  • Saturday, August 18: Construction

Excited to see how the molds turn out tomorrow!


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