2.007: Design and Manufacturing I

2.007 is probably the most popular term associated with sophomores majoring in Course 2.  This class is a semester-long crash-course in designing and machining that features an end-of-term robot competition corresponding to a specific theme that changes each year.  This year, the theme is “Operation”–there are various tasks (e.g. blowing up balloons, removing wrenches/butterflies from cavities in the board, etc.)  that you can strategically choose to complete to earn points, ultimately in pursuit of crushing the rest of the class with your robot skills.

Operation game board

Operation game board

I would talk more about the competition; however, I have instead elected to take part in an alternate 2.007 section which focuses on building electric go karts, commonly referred to as 2.00gokart.  The rules?  You and a partner have $500 to allocate towards whatever you wish, provided you produce a functional go kart by May.  The goal?  Build a vehicle that will compete in a drag race and an uphill parking garage climb.  My partner, Nelson Brock, and I are in the midst of designing a three-wheeled kart that will hopefully be mechanically stable by the end of spring break…so about 2 weeks from now.  I’m pretty excited : )


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