Part 2: Adding in Steering

We definitely got a lot done last night.  We were planning on fixing our motor onto the frame and getting our leg supports ready, but we ended up machining some of the steering parts and finishing up the leg supports.

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The steering bar fits over the square rods snugly so that steering itself feels smooth.  There will also be some aluminum tubing off the ends of bar for the handles, throttle, and braking system.  Here’s an image of the linkage (without the additions on the sides):

CAD model of steering

CAD model of steering

I didn’t have time to make the plate, but it shouldn’t take very much time to do today or tomorrow.

The leg supports actually feel pretty strong.  We were concerned that there would be a lot of bending, but having the 3 5″ 80/20 on each side with 1/4″ connecting plates and 1/8″ plate beneath the wood works out really well.

On a side note, we’ve tried to keep relatively organized, so here are some images of our schedule and budget as of today:

We’re expecting that schedule to change a lot over the week (and it definitely already has), but it’s a good way to organize our to-do’s into manageable chunks.  We’ve also been diligent to keep our expenses down to make sure that we don’t run into any monetary problems around the way.  Should we have enough money at the end of the project, we might consider upgrading some of our parts (motor, etc.).

As the schedule says, the block is the main goal today, so we should probably get going right now!


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