Block Party

THE BLOCK IS DONE!  Early yesterday morning (so, like noon) we went to the MIT Hobby Shop to finish up the toolpath data and use the CNC router.  Here’s a lovely picture of the machine:

Snazzy router at the MIT Hobby Shop

Snazzy router at the MIT Hobby Shop

After some deliberation over the plunge intervals/presence of a finishing pass in the material, we put all of our trust in the computer generated preview of the parts and hit GO.  With a sigh of relief, the router did not go insane and start cutting a random shape…

The entire cutting process took about 20 minutes.  When we took the wood off the table, we noticed that quite a few of the triangular cut-outs were not fully cut out, but it was nothing that a box cutter and some sandpaper couldn’t fix.  It was really cool to see this CADded part in a physical form!

We went back to the N52 shop to countersink all the bolt holes (we want to be able to fit two batteries in the middle of the block).  It was way easier to just use the drill press on them rather than messing with cutting depths.  We would also only be able to do the countersinks on one of the block cut outs because one of them had to be flipped over anyways.  We still need to stain the wood, but Nelson and I both like putting everything we make immediately on the kart, so we slid the wood onto the frame, and boy does it look pretty:

The bolts on the T plates at the front of the car caused a bit of trouble for the installation, but some filing fixed most of that issue.  At least we know the block will be very secure on the kart.  We’ll see how comfortable the kart is after we fix the cover onto the block pieces (lying on two 1/2″ boards isn’t super nice), but unfortunately we may have to wait a while to make the cover because the shop is all out of 1/4″ wood : (

In other news, we got the battery plate done and pressed the bearings into the front wheels.  The kart is certainly coming along!


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