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Today was mostly just fitting parts onto the frame, so we picked up the stained block from the Hobby Shop and brought it over to the N52 shop.  The block just needed a hole through it on both sides to allow the motor mount to fit, which actually looks really nice all enclosed in the mahogany-colored wood:

The motor is secure and won't wobble while running

The motor is secure and won’t wobble while running

We have almost all of the components we need on the kart to be ready for our mechanical inspection next Wednesday.  The only thing left that we must have on the kart is a functional braking system, which will be easy to install once we decide on a handlebar layout.  Here are a couple of pictures of the kart now:

Other than that, we just need to acquire some 1/4″ wood (probably early next week) and name the kart (which has proven to be a much more difficult challenge than anticipated).  Everything is really coming together!


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