Rolling Frame

We spent yesterday morning at the Hobby Shop again to finish up the upright blocks and stain the block (hmm, I didn’t realize how much of our kart is named “block”).  The stain looks great, and we’ll be back to stain the cover and the leg supports later (as soon as we figure out a name for the go kart…)!

With the  uprights ready, we could start assembling the front wheel assembly.  The blocks fit between the plates with two bushings and a kingpin bolt.

Completed wheel assembly

Completed wheel assembly

The bolts we are using for the front axles were a bit too long, so we spent a fair amount of time sawing them to size, which was as fun as you could probably imagine!  Even then, both Nelson and I cut them a bit too long, so we ended up using washers to create the interface between the wheel bearings and the upright blocks.  We also ran into the issue of the kingpin bolt pinching the bushings and the block, which led to the wheels being more difficult to move than we intended.  This problem can be rectified by a lock nut and/or some lubrication, so we should be alright.  All of these pieces complete allowed us to finish up the steering assembly, which was really exciting.  After painstakingly cutting the push rods (we didn’t have enough of the rod to afford cutting them too short), we attached the ball joints on the upright blocks to the ball joints on the steel tubing at the steering bar.

Push rods attached

Push rods attached

I didn’t take a picture of the wheel positioning when the steering bar was translated, but we’ve got some sweet Ackermann action going on.  With that, we slid some aluminum spacers onto the threaded rods to position the motor on the rear of the go kart and with a little bit, ok, a lot of grumbling, we reattached the rear wheel assembly (it is a miracle we haven’t lost any of the spacers or washers yet, fingers crossed).

Motor mounted

Motor mounted

And there we go!  We have a rolling chassis that is only moderately terrifying to ride on without foot pegs or handlebars, or, you know, brakes!  Personally, I think our go kart looks a bit like a Mars rover:

Excited to make more progress in the next couple of days!


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