Throttle (Take 2)

It has been a really intense week here at MIT and in Boston, so I do not have tons of go kart updates, but I will just get you up to speed on where we are currently at in the process.

We had a temporary throttle made of a linear potentiometer and a rubber band, but that combination was not very robust and looked a bit out of place, so we decided to spend some more of our budget on a new throttle.  This one is a thumb throttle, so its profile is more reduced than our first model.  We can now take advantage of some symmetry on the kart by adding an additional end cap.  Here’s how it looks:

New throttle and end cap

New throttle and end cap

Here are a few more photos of the complete mechanical/mainly visible components:

In terms of electrical stuff, we have everything wired up, but we are still having issues with fainting batteries.  We are going to go up to 4 batteries (now 24V instead of 36V) to see if we can correct some of these problems.  We will also be able to take advantage of increased initial acceleration (good for the drag race), although we will have to sacrifice some of our max speed.

Our go kart is basically “due” this Friday, so we will be using the time during the next week to fine-tune components that require additional attention in time for our race on May 5!


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