Electrons have been Approved

We passed electrical inspection yesterday afternoon, which basically means that the only thing between us and the competition next weekend is the assumption that we don’t explode our kart before then.  I’d say “what could go wrong?”, but that has a 100% failure rate in every movie I’ve ever seen.  Aaanyways, here are some pictures of the modified battery situation and wiring:

Nelson thought it would be a good idea to double up on our original wiring because of the current increase, so things are a bit more crowded inside the block, but rightfully so:

After labeling all the wires again, the only thing left to do was add a bit of organization with some plastic clips from McMaster.  Having originally thought that we would be using less wire, the clips were too small, but they worked out fine.  It also was more aesthetically pleasing to have the wires out of sight when looking through the holes in the sides of the block.  You can see in the picture below the braided brake wires, which needed to be pulled out of the way so they wouldn’t accidentally contact the batteries:

Nicer than seeing all the wires through the block holes

Nicer than seeing all the wires through the block holes

After having our instructor check off on all our wiring, Nelson did a couple of figure-8’s around the shop to prove that the go kart actually worked, and that was that!  Now we just have to practice our driving skills for the competition on May 5.  Also costumes.  I’ll end on that note.




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