The End is Near

Hello again!

Well, we had the 2.00gokart competition on the 5th (so about a week and half ago, eek), and we’re happy to say that everything went swimmingly, as in, our batteries abandoned their temperamental behavior and functioned completely as expected (READ: we charged them like the manual suggested.  I guess reading the instructions works out sometimes.)

I saw the sun for the first time at 8 am on a Sunday since maybe forever (where college == forever), and walked over to N52 to load the go kart onto the U-Haul and get ready for the first competition: the drag race.  This wasn’t really the race Nelson and I expected to do exceedingly well on given our motor, but it was still exciting.  From the glimpse I got of the score sheet, our record was around 10.7 seconds for the 50 m race.  Not too shabby, if I say so myself.

After lunch, we set off to the parking garage.  This race tested a balance between speed and efficiency–your score is determined by the product of the energy you consume and the time you take to climb up the hill.  Our strategy?  Floor it.  I was pleasantly surprised by how the kart handled up the hill.  We hadn’t had much time to practice this style of driving because of the batteries, but it was A LOT of fun to make those really tight turns at max speed.  Here are some pictures of us during this race:

Everyone in the class got two trials, so the event took some time, but eventually there was enough data to see how each of the teams scored.  Our instructor, Charles, synthesized the data in a lovely graph.  I took the liberty of pointing out where Nelson and I were:

Team 23!

Team 23!

As you can probably tell, the goal was to be closer to the dark blue line than the black line.  We were able to snag the lowest energy consumed, but our speed was a tad slower than a couple of other runs from other teams.  So, the competition is over, and the only thing left was presenting our karts at the 2.007 robot competition.  It seemed to be a huge hit (especially with young children…).  Here’s a picture of all of us on our go karts!

Casual go kart derby behind the robot competition

Casual go kart derby behind the robot competition

No children were harmed over the course of the night.  Thank God.


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