Hallo und Willkommen!

Hi!  This section is devoted to my summer in Berlin–I’ll be working at Rolls Royce starting next week (well, hopefully if my work permit finally resolves itself) working on thrust reverser actuation simulation, but more on that later!

I arrived yesterday and successfully made it to the flat I will be staying at in Neukölln.  The neighborhood is really pretty, and to fend off sleep to best avoid jet lag, I took a walk.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday:

At the moment, my room isn’t completely ready, so I am temporarily living with the family that offered me the room.  They have two young girls (4-6 years old) and a beautiful apartment.  Frau von Ohr speaks German and some English, and Herr von Ohr speaks German, English, and increasingly more languages.  This morning, we had a family breakfast at 10.  One of the other tenants (Pedro, from Italy) joined as well.  The menu?  Eggs with mushrooms, parsley, meat, mozzarella, and tomatoes, as well as bread, salami, and a plate of various cheeses.  Also coffee.  LOTS of coffee.  Interestingly, the meal flowed between English, German, and Spanish, so it was awesome being able to communicate in all three languages.

Being the new kid on the block, there was some discussion about the differences and similarities between the US and Germany.  Coming from Boston where everything shuts down at 9pm, it was nice to hear that nothing here closes until about midnight.  Unfortunately, my night owl tendencies might be stifled a bit by an earlier work schedule…

Pedro noticed that the von Ohr’s wore their wedding rings on different hands and asked about the German protocol for that.  There was no consensus–apparently either hand is fine (they joked that you could wear it as a nose ring as well).  Pedro commented that in Italy, it is custom to wear it on your right hand because generally you place your right hand over your heart.  Leave it to the Italians to be romantic 🙂 As for my brass rat, I guess I’m married to the institute.


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