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Hello again!  I finally started my internship on Monday after a long battle with a work permit. I suppose I should now have a sense of accomplishment that I survived, but I don’t particularly want to recall those memories at the moment ever.

So then, what am I doing this summer?  I am interning at Rolls-Royce at their site in Dahlewitz.  Even when people here ask me where I work, they are quite confused as to where Dahlewitz is, so I have this handy map that shows my commute to work in the morning:

Follow the red line from Rathaus-Neukolln!

Follow the red line from Rathaus-Neukolln!

Unfortunately, it’s about half a kilometer to the subway, then a walk to the train from the subway, and then another bus ride (not shown on the map) after said train, so the total journey takes about 75-90 minutes.  It has been bizarre going to bed before midnight, but definitely worth being able to remain alert during the day.  The train ride is actually quite pleasant, and once you get out into the C zone of the city, there are fields and quaint little houses.

I am aware that I can’t go into a ton of detail about the project I am working on (although I would love to), but to get an idea, I am working with the controls systems group on some simulation modelling of a thrust reverser actuation system on one of their jet engines.  Although it has only been a week, the experience has already been quite rewarding.  I have gotten much more comfortable with the hardware and controls aspects of the technology, and I’m excited to embark on the next stages of the project!  Apologies for the brevity and vagueness.  I will say more when I can, but most likely only surface-level aspects.

It’s been a bit weird to transition from the freedom of the past two weeks to a more structured day-job, but the company itself is more relaxed than I anticipated.  There is no dress code to adhere to, the team I am working with is extremely amicable and accommodating, and the work hours are very flexible (most people arrive between 8 and 10 and leave sometime around 5…+/- a couple of hours).  Similar to MIT, all the buildings are numbered, although the percentage of women in the engineering department is a bit different here 🙂 I’d estimate perhaps around 4-5%.  My brain is melting from all of the acronyms that have been thrown around as well.  There is actually an entire database of all the company acronyms (there’s probably thousands).  Every little thing that goes into the making of a jet engine must be approved and documented thoroughly before making its way into the product for safety and such, so there are many different documents and components that are shorted for the sake of conversation and writing.  Another thing I’ll be getting used to is the QWERTZ keyboard.  I’ve had to edit a lot of “Carolzn Woyniak” email signatures in the past few days.

On my first day, I got to see the engine assembly facility, which was probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  Obviously, photography was not permitted, but I have to say–everything was SO INCREDIBLY CLEAN AND ORGANIZED AND PROFESSIONAL, which is to be expected, but still–such a marvel to see all of the machinery in all its glory right there in front of you. *eeee!*

My attempt at providing you with a beautiful image from the site. Kinda.

My attempt at providing you with a beautiful image from the site. Kinda.

I’ll probably update here and there within the coming months, highlighting the most interesting things I do.  I’m trying to figure out a hiking trip in the near future, but it’s hard to find mountains around Berlin.  Everything is so flat.  Hopefully I will be able to find a not-so-expensive train ticket that’s not-so-long-of-a-journey-so-I-can-do-it-in-a-weekend soon!  Maybe for my birthday next weekend!


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